A man accused of following a woman home from a bar in Ipswich town centre and sexually assaulting her has been found guilty.

Alazar Yohans, of no fixed address, was before Ipswich Crown Court on Thursday and was convicted on two of three counts of sexual assault.  

The court previously heard that Yohans kissed the victim, who was a stranger to him, without her consent in Bar Twenty One while she was on a night out with her boyfriend on October 1 last year.

Yohans and his friend then followed the victim and her boyfriend, who was drunk, when they left the bar in the early hours of the follow day, according to the prosecution.  

The victim and her boyfriend were having a “heated argument” as they left the bar because the victim had hugged one of her friends on the way out, which the court heard led to her boyfriend “feeling threatened”.

They argued together as they walked back while they were followed and eventually the boyfriend began distancing himself from her.

Once the two had completely separated, the prosecution said Yohans and his friend then approached the victim.

Yohans was found guilty of a charge in relation to putting his hand down the woman's trousers without consent near Hillside Primary School.

However, he was found not guilty on the third count – for which he was accused of forcing the victim to touch his exposed penis.

This is a detail that was not included in the victim’s first statement to police after she called them and they picked her up at the junction of Cardiff Avenue and Montgomery Road.

Yohans had originally tried to claim he had just recently turned 18 – but the court heard the Home Office had found he is somewhere between 27 to 32 years old.

The defendant had denied all the charges and said the interactions were all consensual.

He will be sentenced on April 17.