Three Mercedes cars have been stolen from nearby Ipswich roads in a series of keyless car thefts, police have said

All three incidents took place in Medway Road and Severn Road, near Landseer Park in the south-east of the town, during the early hours of Thursday morning. 

At around 3.45am, a red Mercedes AMG was stolen from a driveway in Medway Road.

Ipswich Star: Two of the incidents happened in Medway RoadTwo of the incidents happened in Medway Road (Image: Google Maps)

Footage captured two people in the area at about 2.10am.

The second incident also took place in Medway Road at about 3.45am.

Two male suspects broke into a white Mercedes AMG before driving off with the stolen vehicle.

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A third took incident took place in Severn Road about 25 minutes later at about 4.10am. 

CCTV captured a black Mercedes AMG being stolen from a driveway.

A spokesman for Suffolk police said officers believe the incidents may be linked. 

PC Donna Jackson said: “We urge people to ensure they keep their vehicles locked. If your vehicle has an electronic key do not keep it near your front door or windows as criminals can scan it and transmit the code to open the car and start it.

“We also recommend using a Faraday Pouch or and Radio Frequency Identification blocker to block the signal whilst your keys are indoors if you are able to.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Suffolk police quoting crime reference numbers 37/17143/24 for the red car, 37/17126/24 for the white car and 37/17161/24 for the black car.