A house share in Ipswich's Woodbridge Road has been given permission to expand, meaning it will soon accommodate up to nine people.

The building currently has seven bedrooms, with capacity to house up to eight tenants.

However, Ipswich Borough Council recently gave its permission for the house to add another bedroom, meaning it will now be able to accommodate nine people.

To make this change, the building's kitchen and lobby will be converted into another bedroom on the ground floor, which will also have its own en-suite bathroom. 

The first floor, which comprises five bedrooms and two bathrooms, will remain unchanged.

A management plan submitted to the council explained that the house share is owned by Foxearth Homes Ltd.

The statement explained that the company "makes a particular effort to create a secure and co-operative household - 'A home rather than just a place to life'."

It added that typically, its tenants are "employed, professional people", who often work as care workers and junior medical staff.

Ipswich Borough Council granted these plans permission to go ahead on March 20.