A comedy sketch created by Ipswich fans about the East Anglian derby has been seen by thousands and received praise ahead of the clash this weekend.

The sketch, titled Derby Day, shows a Norwich fan going to have his haircut in a barbers in Ipswich.

The lead actors are brothers James Sharpe and Sheldon Finch, with Sheldon playing the barber and James playing the Norwich fan.

Ipswich Star: James Sharpe playing the Norwich fan, despite being an Ipswich fanJames Sharpe playing the Norwich fan, despite being an Ipswich fan (Image: Submitted)

The sketch was filmed in Ipswich, in Sheldon's barber shop S K Barbers in Greenfinch Avenue.

The video went up just a couple of days ago, and has received thousands of views across various platforms, with Ladbible taking the video to share on their channels.

Mr Sharpe, who is actually an Ipswich fan, said: "It's gone down really really well.

Ipswich Star: A still from the videoA still from the video (Image: Submitted)

"We thought it was funny, and we are glad people are enjoying it."

The joke is mainly more against Norwich, as you would expect coming from Ipswich fans, with the Ipswich Town Facebook fan groups sharing the video around.

The video adds to the portfolio Mr Sharpe has created, with some of his videos gaining millions of views, as well as working with Steve Collins who is known for beating Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn in boxing twice.

The video can be seen here.

Ipswich Star: Behind the scenes of the videoBehind the scenes of the video (Image: Submitted)

Ipswich Star: The video being editedThe video being edited (Image: Submitted)