A recently created house share near Ipswich railway station has asked for permission to expand.

In February, permission was granted for a home in Burrell Road, just across the road from the station, to become a house of multiple occupation (HMO).

The plans submitted to Ipswich Borough Council showed that the house would have six bedrooms, each complete with its own ensuite bathroom.

Now, a further application has been submitted to the council, requesting that the HMO be allowed to add another two bedrooms.

Floor plans show that the two shared living areas would be converted into additional bedrooms, which will also have their own bathrooms.

With the house spread across four levels, this means that each floor will have two bedrooms. The two kitchen areas on the lower ground floor and first floor will remain unchanged.

Ipswich Borough Council sets an eight-week target date for a decision on all applications it receives.

This application has been given a date of May 17.