Funds are being raised for a "brave" 25-year-old Ipswich man that may not work again after the discovery of a brain tumour.

Oli Brett suffered major seizures that have left him with vision loss, physical impairments, and memory loss.

Formerly a labourer on a brick laying site, the tumour has meant he may never be able to work or live independently again.

Calling him a "champion", his older brother Seb will be taking part in a skydive next week to raise money for his recovery.

In August last year, Seb heard a noise upstairs in their home in Pinewood and went to investigate, finding his younger brother had fallen over and was suffering a seizure.

It was later found that a brain tumour was blocking the flow of liquids passing through his brain.

Ipswich Star: From left: Oli, Seb, and Oli's twin brother Henry Brett at a wedding in Ipswich a week before Oli's seizures.From left: Oli, Seb, and Oli's twin brother Henry Brett at a wedding in Ipswich a week before Oli's seizures. (Image: Brett family)

He has undergone numerous brain surgeries at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, and has lived in hospital and rehab centres before coming home, around a month ago.

Oli has lost the left side of his vision in both eyes, has lost most of the volume in his voice, his physical ability and suffers with short-term memory loss.

Seb said: "Every penny of the money we raise will go towards Oli, for specialist rehab or if there's any equipment we need to buy to help with his recovery.

Ipswich Star: 25-year-old Oli Brett.25-year-old Oli Brett. (Image: Brett family)

"It's to help him recover and get him to the best place we can over the next few years. 

"Traumatic is a bit of an understatement, but I am just thankful that I was there at the time and found him and got him to hospital as soon as possible.

Ipswich Star: Oli was in hospital and rehab centres for several months.Oli was in hospital and rehab centres for several months. (Image: Brett family)

"It's been awful for everyone, and seeing him go through that has been awful, but he has had such a brave face on him the whole time and he's dealt with it like a champion.

"He has lost so much and I want to be able to give something back to him so that he can try and experience some normality again. I couldn't be more proud of him."

The skydive will take place next Thursday, April 18 at Beccles Airfield. 

Nearly £5,000 has been raised so far. To donate, visit: