An Ipswich man who beat a shop security guard unconscious while attempting to steal a vacuum cleaner has been jailed for 39 months.

Jake Eastop, 27, assaulted the B&M security guard and left him with a broken nose and fractured eye socket just four days after being given an 18-month community order for 13 thefts and escaping police custody, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

On November 25, Eastop, of Turret Lane, went to the store in Felixstowe Road and picked up a vacuum cleaner and another electrical item, according to prosecutor Richard Potts.

Ipswich Star: The B&M in Felixstowe RoadThe B&M in Felixstowe Road (Image: Google Maps)

He spoke to the staff member on the till and said he wanted to replace the items as they were faulty and she said he needed a receipt, which he said he had left in his car.

Eastop then left the store without paying, pretending he left to find the receipt, the court heard.

Security guard David Woodward saw him leave without paying and followed him out.

He called out to Eastop, telling him he was the security officer but the defendant did not stop.

Mr Woodward approached Eastop and tried to take one of the boxes off him, but the defendant grabbed it back.

Ipswich Star: Eastop has been jailedEastop has been jailed (Image: Suffolk Police)

The security guard saw Eastop’s bike and told him he would take that instead and the defendant replied, “you’re not touching my bike. I’ll stab you with a dirty needle” the court heard.

The defendant then ran in the direction of a nearby roundabout, forcing cars to stop.

Mr Woodward pursued him and Eastop eventually stopped and tried to hug the security guard and told him, “it’s all over now, you’ve got your items back” the court was told by the prosecutor.

By this point members of the public had got out of their cars to assist, including a driving instructor and the student.

But then Eastop struck Mr Woodward.

It is not clear how many times the defendant then hit Mr Woodward in the fight that followed, but he also bit the security guard on the forearm, the prosecutor said.

Paramedics attended as Eastop fled and Mr Woodward was taken to hospital.

He had multiple fractures to one of his eye sockets, a fractured cheek bone, a fractured jaw, a broken nose and there were teeth marks on his arm.

Eastop was arrested three days later.

A statement was read out on behalf of Mr Woodward who said: “On the day I was assaulted I was doing my job and you not only severely hurt me, you put my family through hell.

“On the night my two children were too scared to be around me because of my injuries,” he added.

“I’ve been in pain ever since. I wake up after getting what sleep I can with one side of my face in pain. All you had to do was give the items back.

“I’ve been off work because of you and not getting paid so my wife and I have struggled to pay bills."

He went on: “You are a selfish and evil person.

“I have flashbacks at night, and this causes me to get little sleep and I constantly have to check around for my safety.”

The court heard mitigation from defence barrister Steven Dyble, who said the defendant had been in custody before he was given the community order for the 13 thefts.

When he was let out he had only £6 in his pocket and was homeless. He claimed he stole the vacuum to sell it for food and not drugs.  

However, Judge Martyn Levett revoked the community order and resentenced for the thefts and the escape consecutive with the grievous bodily harm sentence.

He also noted some of Eastop’s alleged previous behaviour in prison which included smashing doors, damaging his cell and threatening to stab officers.