Three men arrested in the early hours of Monday morning for possessing an offensive weapon have pleaded guilty.

Callum Mills, Daniel Colorado and Harry Jones all appeared at Suffolk Magistrates Court on Tuesday, in relation to an incident on Monday in Blenheim Court. 

Mills, 31, of Fore Street, Ipswich, was charged with affray and possessing a kitchen knife.

Colorado, 40, of Fore Street, was charged with affray and possessing an offensive weapon in a public place. 

Magistrates heard Mills was found holding kitchen knife at around 4.30 am, while Colorado was holding a large piece of wood. 

Jones, 33, of Rendlesham Court, Ipswich, was also charged affray and possessing an offensive weapon after being found with a table leg.

During the hearing, the offences of affray were dropped.

The court heard that witnesses noticed three men, following two women, while shouting and gesturing.

The police were subsequently called.

 No one was injured and no property was damaged. 

Magistrates adjourned the hearing for pre-sentence reports for all three men and granted them bail.

Mills and Colorado, were bailed on the condition they reside in their own addresses, have an electronically monitored curfew from 8pm to 6am, and they made no contact with Jones. 

Similarly, Jones is not allowed to contact Mills or Colorado, must reside at his own address and has a curfew from 8pm to 6am. 

They will all come back to court on different dates, where based on the report the court will decide if the hearing will continue in the magistrates court or if it should proceed to the Crown Court.

Mills is set to come back to court on May 1, Colorado on May 20 and Jones on May 21.