The owner of an independent café near Ipswich town centre has spoken of his fight navigating rising costs as the business goes up for sale. 

On the Huh in St Peter's Street is up for sale as a commercial property for £12,500, with space for more than 50 covers both inside and outside the café.

But Richard Podd, who founded the café in 2019, says he is "not giving up on the fight", and is adapting to post-Covid challenges.

The business owner recounted his electricity bills soaring last year, along with the challenges of lockdowns and working from home.

Ipswich Star: Richard Podd at the café in 2020.Richard Podd at the café in 2020. (Image: Charlotte Bond)

Mr Podd said: "It is pretty tough out there. I've been talking with other business owners and it's unpredictable.

"This is my first business and I started in December 2019. We've faced our challenges. 

"A home football Saturday is the only day that I'm guaranteed to be busy. Any other day could be busy and could be quiet, but increasingly they are quiet.

"At the back end of 2022, I was coming to the end of my contract and had to sign a new one. My bills were three times higher, although they have now come down.

Ipswich Star: On The Huh has been a part of St Peter's Street since 2019.On The Huh has been a part of St Peter's Street since 2019. (Image: Danielle Lett)

"Covid didn't help, people working from home doesn't help, the electricity contract didn't help, but I'm trying my best.

"We're open six days a week. We're doing collaborations. We're fighting."

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The owner plans to run pop-up collaborations with other independents once a week every Friday starting May 17, and new spring and summer plans include a tapas night, and new fruit and boozy smoothies.

The café serves tea and coffee, homemade cakes, breakfasts, brunches, lunches, Sunday roasts and some alcoholic drinks.

On the Huh is now open six days a week, Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm, and from 9.30am on Saturday.