An Ipswich man has been given a five-year criminal order following a series of thefts and fraud offences. 

Michael Taylor, 43, of Packard Avenue, was issued with a criminal behaviour order on Wednesday, April 10, at Suffolk Magistrates Court. 

It is in place for the next five years and means he must remain at his home address between 10pm and 6am every day for six months. 

It also states the 43-year-old must not interfere with, enter or attempt to enter any unattended vehicle and must not be in possession of any bank or credit cards that are not in his name. 

A failure to follow these requirements means he will be committing an offence and could be sent to prison or ordered to pay a fine. 

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The issuing of the court order comes after three incidents of fraud last year where he used stolen bank cards at three shops in July, and an incident on August 20 where he interfered with a vehicle in Ipswich.

Ipswich Star: Inspector Ben Richards said the combined effect had effected the lives of dozens of victims.Inspector Ben Richards said the combined effect had effected the lives of dozens of victims. (Image: Newsquest)

Inspector Ben Richards said: "The recent granting of a criminal behaviour order against Mr Taylor is the culmination of months of work by investigative teams and the force's problem solving team. 

"Mr Taylor has been a prolific offender for a significant time in Ipswich and although each offence may seem minor, the combined effect has had a detrimental effect on the lives of dozens of victims across the area. 

"The imposed conditions are designed to limit his opportunity to commit further offences while having the minimal impact on the normal tasks associated with anyone's daily life. 

"The constabulary remains committed to using this type of legislation to prevent offending wherever possible in cases where a custodial sentence may be disproportionate or ineffective."