Plans to turn a garage in a residential area into a pet grooming salon have been submitted to Ipswich Borough Council. 

The owner of the garage in Monmouth Close, Ipswich, wants to convert half of it into a pet grooming salon. The other half will continue to be used as a storage space. 

If approved, the salon would operate from 8:30am to 6pm on weekdays. 

The proposal states that the wife of the applicant, Christopher Bullard, will be tending to the pets and, at full capacity, will treat four pets at a time.

Proposals for five parking spaces outside the property are detailed in the plans, along with ways to dispose of waste and insulate the walls, ceiling and floors of the property to ensure neighbours are not disturbed by barking. 

However, Mr Bullard states that there will be no provision for customers who will be advised to remain in their cars until their pets are ready for collection. 

The council is due to reach a decision by May 30.