An Ipswich woman says she was almost run over by a car driving along a pavement due to traffic problems in a town centre street.

Lizzie Hicks lives in Berners Street where irregularly parked cars are causing obstructions for motorists and pedestrians.

The congestion is leading to frustration for motorists some driving recklessly and others using their car horns.

"I have almost been run over by a car driving up the pavement suddenly to avoid an oncoming car on the wrong side of the road," she added. 

She hopes the situation can be improved before the summer in Berners Street, where Ipswich Borough Council wants increased traffic control.

Ipswich Star: Residents of Berners Street frustrated by irregular parkingResidents of Berners Street frustrated by irregular parking (Image: Colin Kreidewolf)

Councillor Colin Kriedewolf says the borough council has been trying to get a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) from Suffolk County Council (SCC) for more than a year. 

Currently, the council can only fine people when they park on double yellow lines, but Cllr Kriedewolf wants its powers to be extended. 

A TRO is a way in which the county council, which can currently fine motorists for reckless driving and parking, can transfer powers to the borough council. 

However, in the case of Berners Street, SCC drafted a plan a year ago and consulted residents, but never implemented it. 

Ipswich Star: Cllr Kreidewolf said that decision have now been delayed till SeptemberCllr Kreidewolf said that decision have now been delayed till September (Image: Newsquest)

Cllr Kreidewolf said: "The problem resides with the legal team at SCC and the way new TROs are advertised.

"They do not want it to affect the larger TRO covering the town centre pedestrianised area, nor do we, but at the moment any progress has been deferred to September at the earliest."

The county council is currently advertising a TRO for a pedestrianised section of the town centre. 

A SCC spokesperson said: "To avoid confusion in advertising Traffic Regulation Orders, it is not possible for more than one TRO to be advertised in the same area, at any one time.

"The Berners Street TRO is therefore postponed until the Ipswich Town Centre TRO is complete."