A controversial care home application at the site of a former garden nurseries has still posed highway concerns ahead of a decision tomorrow. 

The plans for the former Victoria Nurseries will go back before Ipswich Borough Council for a third time on Wednesday.

The application seeks to create a 70-bed care home on the land at Kettlebaston Way.

Suffolk County Council says it maintains its holding objection to plans for making a 70-bed care home on the grounds of Victoria Nurseries.

It put in the objection in November following the plan's resubmission saying the transport infrastructure in the area should be improved to be approved.

In the report to the committee, planning officers said the plans would be "acceptable" and do not expect further objections by Suffolk Highways.

A highways county council said they still have their previous objection in place but highways "have been working with the developer and relevant consultants to address the issues raised within it".

The spokesman said: "It is anticipated that we will be re-consulted with once additional information has been submitted for consideration, at which point we will review and reevaluate our position," the spokesperson added.

Ipswich Borough Council last refused the plans in March 2022, when it was deemed the proposal was "not appropriate to the character of the area" and that its 30 parking spaces were inadequate. 

The applicants appealed the decision, but it was dismissed by the inspector last April - stating that the building itself was fine but there should be provision for 88 vehicles. 

A new application was introduced in August 2023, with parking spaces being increased from 30 to 35.

Highways said that these parking spaces are in accordance with their guidelines if there are enough provisions for public transport in the area. 

First Care Homes has since suggested improving the local bus stop, and cycle infrastructure and contributing £11,500 to Suffolk Highways for a Traffic Regulation Order.

Ipswich Borough Council planning committee will discuss plans for the nursery for a third time on Wednesday, April 24.