More than a third of families bringing their children to a Kesgrave primary school say they have been involved in or had a near miss with cars at school time.

Heath Primary School, in Bell Lane, have been campaigning for better road safety after seeing speeding cars and crashes that have injured pupils of the school. 

This led the school to launch their Junior Road Safety Officers  (JRSO) scheme three years and recently pupils took to the roads in Hi-Vis to conduct a survey.

Of the 150 parents and guardians they spoke to, 53 respondents said they had been in accidents or near misses, while 39 others raised concerns of speeding and there were nine reports of drivers running red lights.

Students have now taken their findings to their MP calling for the installation of speed bumps with pelican crossings, electronic speed recording signs and additional traffic lights. 

Ipswich Star: Student's let the meeting with Dr Poulter MP and Cllr McCallumStudent's let the meeting with Dr Poulter MP and Cllr McCallum (Image: Heath Primary School)

They have also met wth MP for Suffolk Central and North Ipswich Dr Dan Poulter and County Councillor Debbie McCallum to discuss the issues bothering them. 

Dr Poulter said: “It is inspiring to see the work these children have done to research the subject and put pressure on the county council to deliver change."

He further emphasised his commitment to working with the councillor to make sure that the student's recommendations are heard. 

JRSOs were made in association with the Town Council, the District Council, the Police and Suffolk Highways. 

They aim to promote road safety issues outside the school and limit the number of crashes that take place on Bell Lane. 

Over the last few years, this road has seen multiple emergency vehicles taking children to hospitals along with other high-speed crashes. 

Ipswich Star: Head teacher for the school David Whatley says he is proud of the students for their workHead teacher for the school David Whatley says he is proud of the students for their work (Image: Heath Primary School)

The JRSOs have campaigned alongside their school to supply all students with free Hi-Vis vests so they are more visible to drivers on the road. 

They have also conducted speed watch programmes with the local community, organised campaigns to promote travel by bike and foot, and led assemblies on road safety. 

The school's head teacher David Whatley said: "The road safety issues outside the front of the school are a pressing concern for our school community."

He added that he was proud of the work they had been doing to highlight the dangers of speeding traffic outside the school.