Residents in an Ipswich tower block will receive the final part of an allowance in the coming weeks as they remain out of their homes. 

St Francis Tower residents have been waiting since December for the final part of the payment after many moved into hotel accommodation because of flooding last summer. 

In July 2023, the tower was evacuated after two floodings, damaging flats up to the thirteenth floor.

As a result of this evacuation, some residents were able to use the management relocation provider Rapid Relocate to find temporary flats while others chose to live in hotel accommodations. 

total allowance of £3,150 was agreed to be paid out by the building's management to those residing in hotels.

The instalment varies for residents and is based on how long they have stayed in the hotel and the cost of the rooms. 

However, an email sent on April 15 shows that the allowance will be paid by May 6. 

Ipswich Star: The payment is set to be made by May 6The payment is set to be made by May 6 (Image: Charlotte Bond)

Joan Richard, a resident of the building, said: "The latest update is finally a good one, we have not been paid for nearly five months and this is money that we need. 

"We have barely had any support from the management, and it's a shame that we had to wait for so long, but I am glad something finally is happening on this." 

In the email, the management group thanked the residents for their patience and said: "By way of update, we have made the request for the payments and the necessary report has gone to insurers to review."

They further add that the payment should take 15 working days and request those entitled to it to have their details ready for the process to be completed.

However, some residents remain annoyed that the email does not offer any reasoning for why the installment was delayed or any compensation for the delay.