An Ipswich man who threatened a shopkeeper with a knife as he took cash and a vape has been jailed for more than three years.  

Scott Bartin, of Hammersmith Way, robbed the convenience store Ipswich Happy Shopper using a “frightening” blade, Ipswich Crown Court heard on Thursday.

Bartin had pleaded guilty to the charge which related to robbing the Bramford Lane store on January 21 this year. 

The 20-year-old had initially entered the shop, looked around and left.

Ipswich Star: Bartin was jailed at Ipswich Crown CourtBartin was jailed at Ipswich Crown Court (Image: Suffolk Police)

Prosecutor Lucy Sweetland said he came back with his face and head covered and walked towards the lone shopkeeper and pointed a knife at her face, the court heard.

Ms Sweetland said he took about £200 in cash and then left before returning to demand a vape. 

Judge Emma Peters said she had seen the knife used from the CCTV footage and that it was “a very frightening blade”.

Police were able to connect the defendant to the robbery after answering a call about a different allegation, which was later dropped. 

The court heard in the presence of police, Bartin’s girlfriend asked him on the phone if he had robbed the store and he said yes.

She asked him how he had done it and he said “with a shank”, the court heard.

He was later detained by police and also found in possession of a small amount of cannabis.

The shopkeeper had told police she had been left feeling scared and worried to work in the shop alone.

Judge Peters said you could "see the fear in her face" in the CCTV footage.

In mitigation, Jane Oldfield said Bartin has learning difficulties which make him even more "immature" than his young age.

She added he came from a difficult background and grew up in foster care and that he is currently on anti-depressants but has a desire to sort his life out.

Judge Peters said she accepted he had had a tough upbringing and that he had learning disabilities but added he had previous convictions for carrying knives.

Judge Peters said these previous convictions were significant aggravating factors and gave him three years and six months detention in a young offender institution.