An ear clinic in Ipswich has installed a defibrillator on their property for the community in the Suffolk town to use. 

Hearing Care Centre, situated at the junction of Rushmere Road and Woodbridge Road in east Ipswich, purchased the equipment after managing to fundraise the money in just a week.

Kirsty Goldsack, a practice manager at the centre, said that being in the heart of their community the clinic building is well-known and hence people who may require a defibrillator would be able to spot it easily. 

"It is important to us as a business to give a little bit back to those that live in and around our business by ensuring they have access to something that could potentially save someone’s life," she added. 

Ipswich Star: Community projects are a part of the clinic's ethosCommunity projects are a part of the clinic's ethos (Image: Hearing Care Centre)

Ipswich Round Table, a community group aiming to give back to society, wanted to install a number of defibrillators around the town.

The Hearing Centre approached Ipswich Round Table to receive funding for their defibrillator.

Ipswich Borough Council also donated a sum of money to the cause. 

Using these funds, the care centre was able to install the defibrillator on the Woodbridge Road side of its clinic, which was previously a branch of Barclays before the bank closed.

According to Mrs Goldsack such community projects are at the centre of the business's ethos. 

She said Hearing Care Centre has supported several small organisations that are local to the area. 

It also offers free hearing health assessments and a nurse-led wax removal service from the clinic and across 23 other locations across Suffolk and Norfolk.

Hearing Care Centre was originally located in Ipswich's town centre before moving to its current location in October 2022

The current centre has state-of-the-art facilities for audiology and aural care.