An Ipswich MP has praised the democratic system after he misplaced his ID ahead of local elections.

Tom Hunt had sought help to organise an emergency proxy vote before heading to the polls on Thursday. 

A screenshot of a WhatsApp conservation from the MP asking for help attracted wide spread attention on social media. 

Mr Hunt told this newspaper he had misplaced his ID, but has been able to arrange an emergency vote. 

Ipswich Star: The Ipswich MP has spoken previously about being diagnosed with dyspraxia and dyslexiaThe Ipswich MP has spoken previously about being diagnosed with dyspraxia and dyslexia (Image: Newsquest)

He said: "I wasn't aware that you could do an emergency proxy on the day.

"It has been good to see the process work.

"People have raised some concerns about voter ID. They've said that it might suppress turnout et cetera. Well, it is good to know that people in my situation, who on the day have misplaced their ID, there is still this option.

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"I have been to the Borough Council, filled out forms and resolved it."

Under new laws passed in 2022, people are required to bring a form of identification when voting. 

A proxy vote, which is voting on someone's behalf, can be arranged under some circumstances if you are unable to vote on the day of the election. 

The Government website states you have until 5pm six working days before the election to arrange a vote by proxy, but an emergency vote can be arranged until 5pm on the day.

Mr Hunt said that due to his dyspraxia and dyslexia, which he was diagnosed with when he was aged 12, he does misplace things from time to time. 

The MP has previously spoken of his struggles with reading, writing and maths as a child.

"I am a dyspraxic member of parliament and I live with that," he said. "It can be a struggle and, frankly, I do lose things from time-to-time."

The Ipswich MP added: "We are all humans at the end of the day, and actually it is good to see the system works and I have been able to exercise my democratic right."