An Ipswich man who was described as “foaming at the mouth” when he held a pillow over his former partner’s face during an argument has been jailed for 12 months.

During the incident Bartosz Kobierski threatened the woman with a wooden bed slat and smothered her by putting his hand over her nose and mouth so that she couldn’t breathe, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Lori Tucker, prosecuting, said Kobierski told the woman to "shut up" when she screamed and then held a pillow over her face while straddling her and pinning her arms down.

The woman told police that Kobierski’s temper had "been out of control" and he had been foaming at the mouth while threatening to kill her.

The court heard that on another occasion Kobierski had pinned the woman down on the stairs with his arm across her neck.

Ipswich Star: Kobierski was sentenced to 12 months behind bars at Ipswich Crown CourtKobierski was sentenced to 12 months behind bars at Ipswich Crown Court (Image: Suffolk police)

“She thought he was going to break her neck,” said Miss Tucker.

Kobierski, of Norwich Road, Ipswich, admitted intentional strangulation and two offences of assault by beating.

The 42-year-old, who appeared at his sentencing hearing via a prison video link and chose to represent himself, told the court he was sorry for his behaviour.