Plans to build 198 homes have been submitted to Ipswich Borough Council. 

These plans would make the first phase of the Westerfield Road development which includes 815 homes in North Ipswich.

The council had approved in 2022 as a part of their larger Ipswich Garden Project, which includes other developments such as Henley Gate, to build new homes in the town's green spaces. 

Applicant Bellway Homes Ltd said that this is the first phase of the project and would use up to 60% of the land that was approved in 2022. 

Of these plans, 124 homes will have three beds, with provisions for two and four-bed homes as well.

Additionally, 11 other dwellings will be one or two-bed flats, while the remaining 22 homes will be affordable. 

Each house will also have its own solar PV system and the plans also include provisions for an electric substation to meet the energy needs of the residents. 

The entire Westerfield Road development project will also include restaurants, pubs and takeaways, buildings for business uses, a health centre, a leisure centre and a primary school.  

This is all to be done on the grounds of the Fonnereau neighbourhood which would connect it to two neighbourhoods, Redhouse Farm and Henley Gate.

The statement said that an uncontrolled crossing point was proposed at Westerfield Road, at the end of a protected cycle lane which would allow connection to the future Redhouse Farm.

Another protected cycle lane and footway would be provided on the northern side of the main road, expected to continue through to Henley Gate.

Ipswich Borough Council will make a decision in due course.