An Ipswich Town fan has shown his appreciation to one of his unsung heroes of the season who has "gone under the radar" by getting a tattoo of his name and number on his leg.

Kieron Wye from Ipswich, 22, decided to get the name of defender Cameron Burgess tattooed on his leg, along with his squad number 15, to show appreciation to the Town hero.

The Australian international centre-back has made 105 appearances for Town, and has played a major role in securing back-to-back promotions from League One all the way to the Premier League.

Ipswich Star: Kieron got his name tattooed on his legKieron got his name tattooed on his leg (Image: Submitted)

Mr Wye, who is a season ticket holder at Portman Road, sitting in the Sir Alf Ramsey Stand, decided to get the tattoo the day following Town's promotion on Saturday, May 4.

He said: "I knew I wanted something.

"Since he signed, he's gone very under the radar and he is one of those players that you look at and think can he step up.

"In every game I have watched him he's improved, and I have a lot of respect and admiration for him. I like the way he conducts himself and he's one of those players that you watch and fall in love with.

Ipswich Star: Kieron WyeKieron Wye (Image: Submitted)

"I wanted a new tattoo for ages and in respect of the man, I thought I would get his name and number tattooed as he's been a part of the team that has taken us up to the Premier League.

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"My partner was very much 'are you sure you want that?'

"These are a group of players that I have very much fallen in love with."

Ipswich Star: The tattoo on his legThe tattoo on his leg (Image: Submitted)

Mr Wye took to X to post his new tattoo, gaining a big reaction on social media, including one comment from Burgess himself - who posted four clapping emojis.

He added: "My estimations of him went up a little bit, in all the celebrations he has taken time out to notice you and appreciate the fact you're supporting him.

"I'd be in a bit of a predicament if he changes his squad number though, might just have to put a cross through 15 and the new number underneath.

"Hopefully it won't change, though."

Ipswich Star: Cameron BurgessCameron Burgess (Image: PA Wire)