Campaigners have described a decision to allow historic beach huts to return to their Suffolk seafront home as a "victory for history".

On Tuesday, East Suffolk Council's cabinet agreed that the 14 huts currently stood behind metal barriers in Golf Road car park in Felixstowe could be moved back to a location near the Spa Pavilion theatre on the town's seafront.

The wooden chalets had been moved away from the beach near the theatre because of concerns about coastal erosion, but the Felixstowe Spa Beach Huts Association plans to create wooden platforms for the huts to stand on to address fears they could be swept away.

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In total, 44 huts were removed from the site, but while new locations were found on the promenade for 30 of the structures, the remaining 14 were left without a home.

Following the meeting, Ruth Dugdall, who owns one of the 14 beach huts, said: "After the cabinet gave their final approval last night, I walked to the beach, to the Spa area, where beach huts have been for 135 years.

"Last year, all 44 huts were removed and we will now see 14 return.

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"It is a victory for history; we should value our heritage and not destroy it.

"The team are now working hard to ensure the returning row look splendid, so people can enjoy seeing them as they walk along the prom.” 

Earlier this week, this newspaper reported how Suffolk-based actor and TV presenter Griff Rhys Jones was "overjoyed" that the beach huts were set to be reinstated.

Paul Ashton, East Suffolk Council's cabinet member for assets and corporate services, said: “Since the new administration was elected last May, we have sought to engage constructively with beach hut owners and groups.

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"This has been received positively by the groups we have met so far.

“While finding a solution for the remaining 14 huts, we have considered the impact of the wooden frameworks on other beach users and the beach scene in winter when the huts will be moved to the promenade.

"Lots of empty frameworks would have detracted from the heritage value of the sea front, but we believe these 14 can be sited without a negative impact.

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"I am pleased that cabinet has agreed with our plans today.

“Rising sea levels and more severe weather events will continue to pose challenges to some of our beach hut sites, but we will work with hut owners to find solutions that means east Suffolk residents and visitors can enjoy our beaches and beach huts for many years to come.

“Beach huts are an important part of seaside history and a key part of Felixstowe’s heritage.”

The location is said to be the oldest site for static beach huts in the country, dating back to the 1880s.