Plans to build a new house in Ipswich's Newbury Road have been turned down by the borough council.

In February, Ipswich Borough Council received a proposal to build a two-bedroom house which would be accessed via Newbury Road and built on land behind two adjoining houses in the neighbouring Britannia Road.

According to a planning statement prepared by the Ipswich-based Ben Elvin planning consultants, the new two-storey home would have had a master bedroom complete with en-suite bathroom, a second bedroom and a “family bathroom” at first floor level.

It would also have a combined kitchen and dining area and a lounge on the ground floor.

However, Ipswich Borough Council has refused permission for this build to go ahead.

In a notice explaining its decision, the council said that there would be insufficient space between the proposed home and its neighbouring properties.

It added that the proposal would result in a lack of greenery and open space around the junction of Newbury Road and Britannia Road from the loss of garden space.