Plans for a new two-storey home in the garden of an Ipswich home have been rejected by the borough council over visual concerns.

An application was made to Ipswich Borough Council for dividing an existing residential garden to put up a three-bedroom home in Spring Road, near Ipswich Hospital.

The plans also included a new access point from the road leading to an attached garage with parking space in front of the new house.

Detailed plans showed proposals for the two storey 102sqm home with attached garage, outside patio, lower level garden and driveway with turning space.

Ipswich Borough Council refused the application on Monday, arguing it would be a "harmful addition" in the setting.

The proposals would mask from the road "a significant proportion" of the woodland slope which rises above the road, an "important visual asset" of the Parks area.

There is a partial view of Cauldwell Hall in its woodland setting, which the property would push into the background, failing to protect the special character of the area.