An Ipswich family has been left feeling "frustrated" and "disgusted" after receiving a mistaken ticket for 28 hours of parking.

Grace Harley, from Ipswich, said her car is fitted with a black box which shows she was driving during the hours covered by the ticket.

Miss Harley received a letter from Euro Car Parks, which runs the car park at the Cardinal Park, asking for £60 in December last year.

The family appealed the notice, providing evidence from the car's black box that the car was not stationary during the hours, but the appeal was rejected by the company.

The ticket then increased to £170, which was eventually paid by a family friend.

Ipswich Star: Ipswich resident Grace Harley.Ipswich resident Grace Harley. (Image: Contributed)

The letter stated that she had parked in the car park from 5.04pm, but Miss Harley says she dropped a friend at McDonald's shortly after leaving work at 5pm and then left the car park.

Miss Harley said: "I may have gone back the next day, and that could be why that happened.

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"Instead of paying the £60, I appealed it. I was told my evidence was not enough, but where was their evidence? It was just a picture of my number plate.

"I was just frustrated. My black box shows me driving for those hours.

Ipswich Star: Miss Harley was fined for 28 hours' parking at Cardinal Park.Miss Harley was fined for 28 hours' parking at Cardinal Park. (Image: Charlotte Bond)

"I work at Ipswich Town Football Club, so there would be no need for me to park there anyway, as I could just park for free at the club and walk."

Mum Mandy Harley added: "I'm really disgusted. Her friends ended up paying it, but we had clear evidence from her black box that she had driven 18 miles at the time of the fine.

"We provided the company with the data, but it was not accepted."

Euro Car Parks was contacted for comment, but none was received.