Plans to convert an Airbnb in the Priory Heath area of Ipswich into a children’s home have been refused.

Ipswich Borough Council received an application on March 18, seeking permission to convert a house in Coniston Square into a children’s home.

Now-redacted documents submitted to the council stated that the building would be used to accommodate children who are being looked after by the local authority.

The application stated that children's homes are "very scarce and there is currently a shortage in the landlords who are willing to agree for their home to be used as a children's home".

However, the council rejected this application last Thursday.

In a notice explaining its decision, the council stated that “inadequate information” was provided, and that therefore the council “has been unable to determine as to whether the proposed use amounts to a material change of use requiring planning permission”.

A decision is currently pending on a second application to create a home for five children in a house in Constable Road, near Christchurch Park.