Long grass blocking visibility onto a road near Ipswich has been described as a "fatal accident waiting to happen" by concerned residents.

Road users in Kesgrave have been reporting foliage at the junction between Dobbs Lane, Hall Road, and Foxhall Road, with many saying they have to pull out into the middle of the main road to see if traffic is clear.

Some 22 safety reports have been made about the junction on the online Suffolk Highways reporting tool map, with one resident describing the situation as the potentially lethal "Russian roulette" game.

Andrew Wright raised concerns that pulling out onto Foxhall Road which may cause a car to swerve into another in the 50mph speed limit.

Mr Wright said: "One of my neighbours, who is in her 80s, nearly had a collision there. My wife will take a diversion of a couple of miles to avoid it.

"There have been so many residents reporting it, and people are becoming more and more angry about the lack of action at that junction.

"This is a fatal accident just waiting to happen. I appreciate there are many junctions that may need work, but someone is going to die."

Suffolk Highways says it carries out one cut every year of rural highway grass verges - and two a year for A and B roads - for the first 1.2 metres of width, and then cutting to maintain visibility at junctions, bends, and signs.

The Kesgrave A and B roads are scheduled for the week of June 10, and more rural roads were scheduled for the week of July 15 as part of the cyclic grass cutting programme, but a spokesperson says this will now take place sooner.

A spokesperson for Suffolk Highways, at Suffolk County Council, said: “We are aware of the tall grass in this area and thank residents for bringing this to our attention.

"The wet and warm weather recently has meant grass and weeds have grown a lot faster than usual.

“The location is due for a cut in July as part of our annual cutting activities. However, due to the reports at the Dobbs Lane and Foxhall Road junction we will instead be cutting back here sooner, likely to be in early June.

“We ask road users to take caution and drive to the conditions of the highway.”