Drivers are being warned of delays as five abnormal loads are to be escorted through Suffolk next week, including along the A12 and A14.

Suffolk police are notifying drivers of possible delays while the escorts take place. 

The first abnormal load will be transported at 9am on Monday, May 20, from Sizewell to Northamptonshire and has not been described.

The escort route will be: local roads - Lover's Lane - B1122 - A12 

Another undescribed load will also travel through Suffolk on Monday, departing from Sizewell at 10am.

The escort route will be: local roads - Lover's Lane - B1122 - A12 - A14 - Cambs border 

Later in the week, on Wednesday, May 22, two more undescribed abnormal loads will be travelling through Suffolk.

The first will depart from Chester le Street at 9.30am and will head to Sizewell with an escort route of: A12 – B1122 – Lover’s Lane – local roads to site.

The second will depart from Sizewell at 10.30am and will travel to Buckinghamshire with police escorting along the A12. 

On Thursday, May 23, a 40-tonne plant will also be transported from East Yorkshire to Sizewell.

The escort route will be: A14 Cambs border - A12 - B1122 - Lover's Lane - local roads to the final destination.