The landlord of a Suffolk pub on the Shotley peninsula has said mould has been treated in the pub's kitchen following an unfavourable hygiene rating.

A food hygiene rating of two - meaning Improvement Necessary - was given to the White Horse pub in Tattingstone after an inspection on February 12.

The pub is a 17th century Grade II listed venue near Ipswich.

The food hygiene report was issued by a food safety officer at Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council.

It gave the standards in hygienic food handling at the pub a rating of good, and management of food safety generally satisfactory.

However, improvements were necessary in standards of cleanliness and the condition of the facilities and building.

The report noted patches of mould on the walls of the kitchen, along with cobwebs and broken and missing tiles.

The officer recommended resealing areas of flaking paint, updating the tiles, removing cobwebs, cleaning mould, and more attention to detailed cleaning at the site.

The report also recommended not keeping food such as salad leaves beyond their use by date.

Landlord Simon Boyton said: "Following the visit, all the work that was needed was carried out. We were revisited two weeks later and the inspector was very pleased with the results.

"The kitchen was fully re-painted, after the mould that was in a small corner at the rear was treated first. New flooring was put in and all the tiles that needed it were replaced. 

"There was one bag of salad that was due to be disposed of the previous day but was overlooked. All foods have been disposed of in the correct manner since."

Mr Boyton added that the kitchen is cleaned after each shift and a deep clean is performed weekly, and that he checks the kitchen at the end of every shift to ensure the report is correct.