The annual Global Food and Pita Festival took place at an Ipswich venue on Sunday.

The BSC Multicultural Services (BSCMS), a charity and community organisation based in Ipswich, held the event in a celebration of diversity, with competitions in global and pita food categories. 

It took place in the reception area of Suffolk New College on Sunday (May 19), with a new sponsor, the multicultural supermarket Ipswich Bazaar.

The company is expected to open a new store and 80-seat restaurant in the now-vacant Poundland in Carr Street.

Traditional food was served at stalls from across the world.

Ipswich Star: Mohammad and Raifa Marzan, Tahmina Rahman, Rafin MarzanMohammad and Raifa Marzan, Tahmina Rahman, Rafin Marzan (Image: Elisabeth Wilson, Newsquest)

Mohammad Marzan, who has been coming to the event with his family for the last two years, said: “It’s a great multicultural event.

"We are from Bangladesh and it’s a good community event. There is a sense of togetherness."

Ipswich Star: Maruf Sany with daughter Khadizah.Maruf Sany with daughter Khadizah. (Image: Elisabeth Wilson, Newsquest)

Maruf Sany added: “There has been a great turnout this year, more than last year.

"There is a great selection of food. We are exploring the idea of having more activities for children and a different venue.”

Ipswich Star: Polly Begum, Zaarin Tasnim, Minara Begum, Sameeha Tasnim, Maiuf SanyPolly Begum, Zaarin Tasnim, Minara Begum, Sameeha Tasnim, Maiuf Sany (Image: Elisabeth Wilson, Newsquest)

During the presentations, a number of awards and cash prizes handed out.

Taking first prize in the global food category was Mahabat Nateeq, and for the pita awards there were winners in the taste (Rumi Rami Taluccaer) and creativity (Poly Begum) categories. 

Following the food competition, education awards were presented to students from across Ipswich.

The Dale Banham Award for outstanding contributions to the community was awarded to Northgate High School pupils Caitlin Evans-French, Jack Luke, Alexandra Nicolae, Jon Painter, Kamile Kairyte, and Fahbiyan Rahman.

Ipswich Star: Siam and Umayma Amwar at the Global Food and Pita Festival.Siam and Umayma Amwar at the Global Food and Pita Festival. (Image: Elisabeth Wilson, Newsquest)

There were also stalls for children's face painting, henna, and goods from around the world.

The event has been going on for over a decade.