A Royal Palace Expert is set to visit Ipswich to give a talk on key Tudor political figure Thomas Wolsey.

The head of research at Historic Royal Palaces, tasked with maintaining six famous British sites, will delve into the significant political role of Wolsey.

The talk will form part of the Thomas Wolsey 550 celebrations.

Professor Anthony Musson's presentation is titled ‘Cardinal Thomas Wolsey: Architect of Diplomatic Splendour’ and is scheduled for the afternoon of Friday, May 31 at Ipswich Institute.

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Prof Musson will discuss Wolsey’s involvement in historic diplomatic encounters and lavish festivities for foreign rulers.

Notably, Wolsey arranged the 1520 meeting between Henry VIII and King Francis I of France.

Wolsey, born of humble beginnings, swiftly became King Henry VIII’s trusted adviser.

Programme manager for the Thomas Wolsey 550 Project, Aly Tipping, said: "It’s astonishing to think that the brains behind such an event was an Ipswich boy from humble beginnings.

"I hope lots of people will come and find out more about Wolsey’s incredible role in Tudor diplomacy across Europe.”

Tickets for Prof Musson’s talk cost £6.