Taxi firm Uber have revealed when they plan to roll-out services in Ipswich after being granted a licence to operate in the town last week.

Ipswich Borough Council had given the multi-national company a full licence to operate, which would mean they can now use their service independent of any local taxi company. 

A spokesperson for Uber said they had done so after noticing high volumes of unmet demand in the town with thousands of passengers opening the app every week. 

They said: "We are pleased to have been granted a licence to operate in Ipswich, which will help boost earning opportunities for drivers, provide passengers with greater transport options across the city and support the local economy.”

They plan to launch their services later this year. 

Ipswich Star: Uber has been operating in Ipswich since 2021Uber has been operating in Ipswich since 2021 (Image: PA Wire)

Uber has been in Ipswich since 2021 but with a partnership with local company Hawk Express. 

However, with Uber now being able to operate independently, local companies have come under pressure, fearing this could take business away from them. 

Ipswich Borough Council said that as a licencing authority, it is their statutory duty to accept and determine applications set to offer a private hire service which employs registered drivers.

They added: "By ensuring that licences are granted, reviewed and any breaches enforced, the council is able to ensure those businesses and drivers within the sector are delivering a safe and secure service to everyone they transport."

Uber, under its official name Uber Brittania Limited, has applied for the licence and met the council's policy requirements to be accepted.

One Ipswich taxi driver claimed that Uber coming to the town might hurt local drivers as those registered outside could come to town on big days and take the crowds away from them, even if they register themselves to Uber.

To this, Uber said that each of their drivers earns a National Living Wage, along with having formal representation through GMB Union.