Plans for a new stand-by generator at a flats block are set to be approved by Ipswich Borough Council. 

On Wednesday, May 29, the council is meant to discuss a planning proposal to develop a power generator for Cumberland Towers, off Norwich Road.

The generator will be used only in case of emergency and will be placed in the car part at the back of the 12-storey block of residential flats. 

The emergency power from this generator would enable the lifts to be used as a means of evacuation under the control of the fire service.

While the proposal is set in the car park of the residential block, the plans say it will not affect any parking spaces.

Additionally, no emergency vehicle or pedestrian spaces would be affected. 

The borough council has made this application itself since Cumberland Towers consists of purpose-built council flats.

In a pre-meeting report, officers of the council said: "The proposal represents a well-designed and sustainable form of development that would enhance the safety of the building with no impact on highways or the amenity of surrounding development."

Therefore they say that the plans are acceptable, and should be approved.