A real rail minger? Absolutely!

ipswich: I’m sorry to say I’ve upset one of my regular readers by describing the new Class 70 diesel locomotive as a “Real Rail Minger.”

Andrew Berry has chided me for using the description, pointing out that the previous generation of diesels, the Class 66s which are now regularly seen on the line, were not considered very attractive when they first arrived, but now train enthusiasts like them.

I have to say I never disliked them at all - the previous generation of ugly engines were the ghastly Class 58s which were so unreliable that they were all eventually shipped off to eastern Europe!

Now if Freightliner could use a Deltic, or a Western or a Warship, that would really get the trainspotters going . . . although I suspect that if you’re still with me then you’ve probably spent a few hours at the end of platform three at Ipswich station with notebook and camera in tow!