A whirlwind romance!

IPSWICH: A happy couple, who had a whirlwind romance, danced for joy after exchanging their wedding vows at the weekend.

It was just ten months ago that Anne Jeffries and Ron Hopkins enjoyed a holiday whirlwind romance – getting engaged a week after meeting, which led to friends joking that Ron had come home from Yarmouth with a bit more than a stick of rock.

On Saturday they showed the world how much they loved each other, celebrating their marriage at Ipswich Register Office with a youthful exuberance as they danced, hugged and Ron demonstrated carrying Anne – dressed all in purple, “the ‘in’ colour” – over the threshold.

“We are so happy and so much in love and all our friends have been really nice and supportive,” said Ron, 65, who has never been married before.

“It’s Anne’s day – and I just wanted it to be special because she has had a tough three years, losing her brother, father and husband. We have both really enjoyed it.”

Anne, 56, said: “It’s been wonderful and such fun. We love each other so much.”

They met at the Winchester Hotel in Yarmouth on July 4 last year and by July 11 were engaged.

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“The first time I saw her, I sat next to her and she was sitting on her own and I thought she was waiting for her husband,” said Ron, who had travelled down for the break from his home in Birmingham.

“The next day I saw her and said, ‘here’s that gorgeous, sexy lady’, and we have been together ever since. We love the same films and music and have a great laugh.”

Anne, of La Salle Close, Ipswich, who was a widow and has been married three times, has also had an impact on Ron’s health – cutting out sugar and getting his weight down from 17-and-a-half stone to 11st 10 lb, and his waistline from 46 inches to 38in.

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