A140 wall inquiry scrapped

A DISPUTE about a brightly-painted wall is set to be settled this month.

A DISPUTE about a brightly-painted wall is set to be settled this month.

An orange wall outside a property on the A140, at Thwaite, is at the centre of a row between property owner Gary Banham and planning officials at Mid Suffolk District Council.

The council ordered Mr Banham to take it down last December, saying it broke planning rules, but the homeowner appealed.

The planning inspectorate listed the row for a planning inquiry in July but it has since been downgraded and will now be discussed at an informal hearing.

Chris Stathers, from the council's enforcement team, said: “Basically, the difference is that the evidence won't be given under oath now, it's more informal.

“It will be a chat round a table with a planning inspector to settle the dispute.

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“The public can attend and speak at the inspector's discretion.”

The council said Mr Banham was in breach of planning regulations by building and painting the wall.

A report said: “The wall constitutes an alien and undesirable feature, enclosing the grounds of an isolated house placed in a prime position in open countryside.”

It is still investigating whether a planning breach has occurred regarding the house itself, which is also painted orange.

Mr Banham said the enforcement notice was not served on everyone with an interest in the land, the steps required to comply with the requirements are excessive and the time given to comply was too short.

A decision will be made eight weeks after the hearing.

The hearing is at the Mid Suffolk District Council offices, High Street, Needham Market.

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