Abusive boyfriend is jailed for assaulting former partner in street after moving back in with her while under a restraining order

James Marks who was jailed for assaulting his partner and breaching his restraining order

James Marks who was jailed for assaulting his partner and breaching his restraining order - Credit: Archant

An abusive boyfriend has been jailed for breaching his restraining order and assaulting his former partner while on a suspended prison sentence.

Ipswich Crown Court heard James Marks, of Mildmay Road, Ipswich, had convictions for more than 50 previous offences.

The 30-year-old had moved back into his ex-girlfriend’s Kildare Avenue home without her permission almost immediately after being given a six-month restraining order in December. The court heard their relationship had been a volatile one.

Marks was arrested on Christmas Day after yanking her hair while the pair argued in the street over money on Christmas Eve. The assault, which ended with Marks cycling off, was said to have caused some strands of the woman’s hair to have been loosened.

Marks admitted breaching his restraining order, assault, and being in breach of a suspended eight-week prison term he was given on November 20 last year.

Sentencing Marks, Judge John Holt told him: “The victim of your common assault was your former partner. There had been several incidences which would appear to have been close to harassment over the years.

“It wasn’t until December 2 last year when you were convicted of a public order act against her that a restraining order was made.

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“Initially you refused to accept the terms of that order. You got hold of a key to her home and forced her to accept your presence.

“She put up with your presence until December 24 when there was an argument in the flat. You both left arguing. You were verbally abusive.

“There came a time when you grabbed her hair and assaulted her and left her with some loosening hair.

“You have got an appalling record before the courts – 26 convictions for 57 offences. I am quite satisfied the time has come when you must go to prison.”

Mark was sentenced to a total of 10 months’ imprisonment for the assault and breach of restraining order. His eight-week suspended prison term was also activated to run consecutively with the new sentence.

Judge Holt extended Marks’ restraining order to run for two years.

Earlier in the hearing Roger Thomson, representing Marks, said his client admitted pulling his former partner’s hair.

Mr Thomson also told the court his client said: “I would never hit her. I love her too much to do that. I have found the strength to move on with my life.”