Action demanded on danger bend

"I AM frightened the next crash may injure my children."Those were the words of outraged Ipswich resident Shaun Welham who said speeding drivers were endangering lives.

"I AM frightened the next crash may injure my children."

Those were the words of outraged Ipswich resident Shaun Welham who said speeding drivers were endangering lives.

His homes and others nearby have been struck by cars losing control while hurtling round a bend in Norwich Road.

Mr Welham, 32, who lives with his partner 32-year-old Nicola Peers and two young children Bethany, 4, and Jessica, 16 months, has lived in Norwich Road for the past 18 months.

But now he is calling for Suffolk County Council to take action over the dangerous bend in between the turnings with Castle Road and Meredith Road.

He said: "In the past two years 12 properties have had their walls damaged. My next door neighbour has had his front wall knocked down three times in the past 18 months.

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"People come hurtling round the bend too fast and come off the road.

"I am frightened for my partner and my children. I am worried that a car might crash into them as they are reversing out the drive.

Only last week a car came off the road in the early hours of Wednesday and knocked down Mr Welham's iron gates.

One was knocked into his car and the other into his porch, damaging the brickwork and render.

He said: "The gates could have come through the window and my children could have been sitting watching television."

Mr Welham wants action to be taken to reduce the speed at which people drive down Norwich Road.

He said: "It would be nice if the bend was sign posted and reminders put up indicating that it is a 30mph zone.

"Speed cameras would be nice, as would bollards for the properties that keep getting damaged."

Stephen Auld, Ipswich Borough Council's service manager for transportation, said: "We have looked at the accidents there over the past three years. During that time there have been eight accidents that we know of, five of which involved injury and three that caused damage.

"Of the eight, five drivers had positive breath tests. Generally the accidents involve people who test positive for alcohol and have lost control of their vehicle.

"We are currently investigating to see if there is a pattern we can address."

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