Altruistic couple give Ipswich Locality Homelessness Partnership £600 donated by guests to their wedding

Tricia Feather and Dave Armitage with the money they donated to the Ipswich Locality Homelessness Pa

Tricia Feather and Dave Armitage with the money they donated to the Ipswich Locality Homelessness Partnership. Picture: SUSIE MILLS - Credit: Archant

It’s customary to bring gifts to a wedding to help newlyweds start their new lives together, but one altruistic Ipswich couple used their special day to support those less fortunate than themselves.

Tricia Feather and Dave Armitage tied the knot on June 3 at the town’s St Helen’s Church, and they asked their guests to make a donation to the Ipswich Locality Homelessness Partnership (ILHP), which is made up of around 30 organisations working together to help people already on the streets as well at those at risk of losing their home.

The pair have handed over £600 to Susie Mills, manager of the ILHP, who said the money would be used on a new project.

She added: “It’s an altruistic gesture for these newlyweds to ask their guests to donate to the ILHP for a project. I think that is just fabulous.”

Tricia, 54, and Dave, 60, met online just over two years ago. They both have children of their own and lived independently before they found each other, so Tricia said there was no need to ask for anything for themselves from their wedding guests.

She added: “I volunteer as a Town Pastor at weekends and I have seen people asleep at 2.30am and 3am when it’s freezing out, so I wanted to help them. I know the ILHP works with various projects so they can direct the money to the right place.”

The Ipswich Town Pastors are Christian volunteers who patrol the town centre on Friday and Saturday nights to help vulnerable people, from drinkers who have overindulged, to rough sleepers. They work in partnership with the emergency services, door-staff at pubs and nightclubs and those operating CCTV. To many they are fondly known as the ‘Freddo people’, as they hand out the small chocolate bar and bottles of water to people in need of refreshments.

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Tricia and Dave live together in Ipswich and are members of the St Helen’s Church congregation.

Describing their wedding, Tricia said: “It was exactly what I wanted and Dave said it was a perfect day. Lots of people from the church were there as well as friends and family.”

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