Amazing recovery of street attack victim

NED is coming back to us.That was the remarkable revelation today as Ipswich street attack victim Ned Gemmill is taking his first steps on the road to an amazing recovery.

NED is coming back to us.

That was the remarkable revelation today as Ipswich street attack victim Ned Gemmill is taking his first steps on the road to an amazing recovery.

The 21-year-old spent more than a week unconscious in a critical condition after suffering head injuries in an assault in Princes Street in the early hours of June 27.

Now, as his condition continues to improve, his family are "cautiously optimistic" their nightmare few weeks may be coming to an end.

David Gemmill, Ned's father, said: "I've been telling everybody it's a case of taking one day at a time.

"It was unbelievable when he came back because until then we really didn't know whether he was going to live.

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"Any feelings of elation we had when he came round have to be put to one side because the situation is still fragile.

"It's a job to describe how we feel because there's been so many up and downs. For the first week and a half there were no ups but things are getting better.

"We're very pleased with how things are going and we just want to say thank you to everybody who has helped him. We've had brilliant support and we're cautiously optimistic things will be ok."

Surrounded by cards and good wishes, Ned is gradually being nursed back to health. He is able to walk short distances and can happily talk to his many visitors.

Mr Gemmill, of Clare, said: "Ned's recovering slowly and getting better every day.

"When they first brought him round it was tremendous. He didn't talk very well for the first few days and he was in a lot of pain.

"He's also walking better by the day and can do so without holding on to anyone.

"He definitely chirps up when his friends come in - that really livens him up.

"He can have visitors for about 15 minutes but it knocks him out for about three hours after so we're having to limit the number of people coming to see him."

Ned's hair is gradually growing back after undergoing an operation on the left side of his head, although he does not remember any details of the attack.

His thoughts are firmly focused on leaving Addenbrooke's Hospital, in Cambridge and returning home and to work.

Mr Gemmill said: "He definitely wants to go back to work. He's an outside boy and has been working on a building site. He once had an office job in Ipswich for about a year but had to leave because he wanted to be outside.

"The doctors can't say how long he will have to stay in hospital at the moment. It just depends how he progresses.

"Hopefully, sometime shortly, they'll let him come home for a short visit. He's asking to come home.

"The danger now is a bit of depression might set in because of the boredom. He can have the television on but he's more listening to it. His eyes were badly affected, so he can't really concentrate on anything, but they're improving too."

Mr Gemmill, who along with wife Jane and other children, Jenni and Jack has spent every day with Ned, is also looking to the future.

He said: "There's been someone with him all night and all day. I sat with him throughout the nights.

"I'm sleeping now. It's amazing how comfortable you can make a sofa in a hospital waiting room! We're all very tired but we're fine and looking to get on with our lives."

Eight men have been arrested in connection with the assault on Ned Gemmill. Four are having their case heard at Ipswich Crown Court, three are on police bail and one has had his bail cancelled.

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