Andrea due back after sick leave

SUFFOLK: Chief executive Andrea Hill is due back at her desk on Monday after three weeks away with illness and holidays.

Mrs Hill missed the last full meeting of the county council on March 25 and is understood to have suffered from a nasty infection.

She was off for two weeks until Easter – and had booked the current week as part of her annual leave several months ago.

A spokeswoman for the county council said they were expecting her back at her desk on Monday.

During her absence, day-to-day work at the council had been handled by other senior directors. A council insider said the chief had been doing some work from her sick bed and had been in regular touch with senior councillors and officials while she was away.

Members of the council sent her a “get well soon” message after their meeting at the end of last month.

Her absence had prompted some concern because it came after other staff at the authority had suffered from long-term illnesses.

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The head of communications at Endeavour House, Caryl Jackson, has been away from work since Christmas when she suffered ill health.

And a senior member of the communications team has been off sick since last August.

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