Anger after school trip cancelled

FED-UP pupils have had their school trip cancelled - after their headteacher admitted the class was too “unpredictable”.

FED-UP pupils have had their school trip cancelled - after their headteacher admitted the class was too “unpredictable”.

Furious parents have been told the week-long final year visit to north Wales for youngsters at Kingsfleet Primary in Felixstowe will not take place because of the ten and 11-year-olds' behaviour.

An activities week will be held instead with a programme of events in the Felixstowe area so that extra teacher support can be deployed quickly if there is a problem.

Parents told The Evening Star that it was only two badly-behaved youngsters at the school in Ferry Road who were to blame for the cancellation.

They claimed the unruly duo attacked several students, while it is also alleged that in one incident a teacher was injured.

However, the school have denied this and claimed concerns over the behavioural issues of the entire class were behind the decision.

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One parent, who asked not to be named, said the children were very upset.

“We as parents believe this is because the school is too scared to act against these unruly pupils,” she said.

“The children are so disappointed, and although I understand that the school has to deal with health and safety on school trips, I cannot understand why these children are not removed from the trip, and the rest can enjoy the trip in peace and quiet.”

Another parent said: “I think it is absolutely diabolical, appalling - how can 30 children be made to suffer because the school cannot control two children?”

Headteacher Kyrsty Beattie said: “It is very unfortunate that we have had to cancel this year's residential trip for Year Six to north Wales.

“There are regulations and procedures in place to ensure that children are kept safe throughout any school trips or visits. Children's safety is paramount.

“After reviewing the situation, we feel that the behaviour of this particular group of children would be unpredictable outside the normal daily routine of school and home. I can confirm it is not the behaviour of just two pupils that resulted in the cancellation of the trip.

“As the school has taken this decision, it will cover any deposits already made and all monies collected from parents will be repaid in full.

“We will be offering a non-residential activity week as an alternative and this will include visits to local attractions, sporting activities and school-based activities.”

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