Animals show teamwork pays

A FRIEND of mine took his family to the Africa Alive theme park near Lowestoft last weekend to see the family of baby cheetahs.

But it was another set of animals that really put on a show for them.

There’s a large enclosure there that you can walk through and a tribe of ring-tailed lemurs and Somali black-headed sheep can wander about with relative freedom.

The lemurs come from Madagascar and the sheep come from – surprise, surprise – Somalia on the eastern side of the continent itself.

But clearly at Africa Alive the two very different species get on very well – showing that teamwork can take some of the effort out of achieving your aims.

Last weekend visitors to the park were laughing out loud at some of their antics which were captured here on a great video.

If you want to find out what happened next after this lemur pestered the sheep, and it really is worth a look, you’ll have to visit our website –

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If you click on the weird and wacky section of the site you will see a video showing that animals really can do the funniest things.

And I’m confident that neither the lemur nor the sheep minded being the centre of attention!

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