Apology after holiday disappointment

A BUSINESSMAN has today apologised after his Ipswich based holiday company stopped trading- leaving customers stranded without anywhere to stay.

A BUSINESSMAN has today apologised after his Ipswich based holiday company stopped trading- leaving customers stranded without anywhere to stay.

Michael Fisher, director of Blue Sky Lettings Ipswich Ltd, said he was sorry for the confusion he had caused after the Evening Star was contacted by a number of people believing they had been victims of a scam.

Robert Peachey, 25, and his partner Amy Gardner, 24, booked a holiday to Butlins in Skegness through the company.

They were hoping for a relaxing break with their young family but when they arrived on April 11 there was no reservation in their name and they were forced to shell out another �150 for a caravan.

When they tried to contact Mr Fisher's company at their registered address in Felaw Street there was no answer and the company's mobile phone appeared to be constantly turned off.

Mr Peachey, of Ireland Road, contacted the Star because he wanted to warn others of what he thought was a potential scam.

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“We decided to stay but it's annoying because that money should have been spent on treating the kids,” he said. “I really just want to warn people that this has happened.”

Barry MacPhearson, 36, from Fife, Scotland, booked two holidays to Butlins - one for him and his family and one for his sister - through Blue Sky Lettings for July.

“I'm lucky in that I've not been affected as much as other people because I was warned in advance - I feel very sorry for the families that have turned up and are in a worse position than me,” he said.

Mr Fisher, of Jamestown Boulevard, has now come forward to apologise and said he had ceased trading until a legal battle with Butlins had been resolved.

He said: “Unfortunately the business was no longer viable and I had to call it a day. I could have just carried on but that would have been unfair.

“Of course I'm sorry to all the customers who have been affected - I will be writing to them in due course to explain the situation.”

Mr Fisher said he believed he had an agreement with Butlins to use a caravan that he had purchased on its Skegness site.

However he said they had since confirmed that this was not the case - a matter he was pursuing through the courts.

Mr Fisher said: “I'm taking action against Butlins for loss of income and if that is successful then I will give all the money back to the customers who have been left out of pocket.”

A spokeswoman for Butlins said a number of appointments were made by phone with Mr Fisher to discuss what was going on but he turned up to none of them.

She added: “Consequently all dealings with Mr Fisher himself have ceased.”

She said she was aware of eight bookings through Blue Sky Lettings Ltd and they had either decided to pay for a caravan or leave site.

She also confirmed that Butlins has received a claim from Ipswich County Court on behalf of Mr Fisher for various items including loss of income.

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