Apology after month delay in updating Martlesham to Ipswich roadside bus timetables

Suffolk County Council has apologised for the delay in updating the information

Suffolk County Council has apologised for the delay in updating the information - Credit: thinkstock

Suffolk County Council has apologised for taking almost a month to display updated timetables following a change to scheduled bus services.

First Group made changes to its timetables right across its services in Suffolk, including the route 66 service from Martlesham Heath to Ipswich Rail Station.

First implemented the changes on September 1, however Suffolk County Council, responsible for displaying the timetables at roadside bus stops, failed to display the new times until Monday (September 28).

The issue was brought to the attention of the EADT after one Kesgrave resident complained that the error had caused her to be late for her job as a retail sales assistant in Ipswich town centre on more than one occasion.

She added that a new timetable had been erected at the bus stop on Saturday, but that this had again been changed when she returned to the same bus stop on Monday.

“I have been late to work three times in one week because of it,” said Henley Barker, 19. “They haven’t let anyone know. It’s ridiculous.

“I spoke to another lady at the bus stop who had also been affected and she said it was dreadful.”

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A spokesman for Suffolk County Council said: “We accept that there was a delay in updating all timetables in the area following the change.

“It may be the case that it’s that particular area that was the last to get done.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

A spokesman for First Group said that it had advertised the changes to its timetable on its website, and had an information stand present in Ipswich town centre ahead of the new timetable coming into force.