Apology issued by Foxhall Stadium after two injured at fireworks display

Foxhall Stadium near Ipswich.

Foxhall Stadium near Ipswich. - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Two spectators suffered minor injuries during a firework display which was cut short because of high winds.

An apology has been issued on the Foxhall Stadium Facebook page on behalf of Spedeworth/Incarace Motorsports following the event held on Saturday night.

It stressed that the event was an Oval Motorsport Event featuring a firework display and not a standalone firework event.

It continued: “Unfortunately, two spectators received minor injuries during the Fireworks Display and this is two spectators too many!

“We do apologise that your experience with us on Saturday night was not as enjoyable as we had all hoped for, we do endeavour to put on the very best event we possibly can but the health and safety of all of our drivers, staff and public has and will always be paramount.”

The display was put on by Pains Fireworks and its director said it was cut short as its technicians determined that high winds in the area would “pose a risk to the safety of the crowd”.

“Fireworks are an enjoyable part of the Spedeworth experience, so ensuring the safety of the crowd is our primary concern,” the director added. “On this occasion I am sure as an audience, you will agree that your safety should not be compromised in favour of firing the display.”