Artist Edward presents his first solo show at the Waterfront Gallery

Artist Edward Pile who is exhibiting at the Waterfront Gallery, UCS, Ipswich

Artist Edward Pile who is exhibiting at the Waterfront Gallery, UCS, Ipswich - Credit: Archant

Eseex-based artist shows a variety of his work

Artist Edward Pile admits he is very excited - and nervous- as he presents his first solo exhibition, at the Waterfront Gallery.

The exhibition, titled Terra will be at the Waterfront Gallery from Monday November 2 through until November 25, and featuring paintings, sculpture and other pieces.

Edward said: “I am quite looking forward to it, but I am extremely nervous.

“When you work as an artist alone you don’t know how people will react. Hopefully this will lead on to other things.

“For the artist is it exciting to see how it goes, in such a good space.

“Having a solo show is a great chance, for the artist, to see their work together too.

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“A lot of different things go into it, it is all the experiences you have had.

“The Waterfront Gallery at UCS is a great space, very light and open.”

Previously he has only exhibitied his art in combined exhibitions, alongside the work of other artists.

So this is a big step forward.

Edward added: “All the experiences you have had go into your painting.

“It is very important to be fresh visually and true to your own lights.”

“Working alone can be exhausting, if you don’t get the chance to exhibit work.”

Essex-based Edward is a full time artist in a variety of media,

He told me it had been a stop-start career in art.He did an art foundation course when he was 20.

He travelled and explored living an working in different countries and cities, he said.

He went to Art College in Sheffield to study film, vode and installation.

More recently he studied for his Ph.D in philosophy, in Essex, before turning to painting and sculpture.

His art work was driven by a spirit of explanation.

He explained: “I am interested in art as an exploration of possibility; the possibility of uncovering and discovering new expressive forms, and new forms of feeling.

“Each work is a new beginning and an unforeseen ending.

“I try to make work that engages the full richness of aesthetic experience; sensorial, emotional and intellectual, to explore the human concerns of our place in the cosmos, our relation to nature, and the struggle to see the future.

“A lot of things impact on your way of painting.”

This exhibition includes about 25 paintings, together with a small selection of metal scultpure, stoneware and drawings.

There is thrown stoneware and some small sculpture maquettes which could become large pieces at a later date.