Asda and Amazon urgently recall items due to safety concerns


Products have been recalled at Asda over fears of allergens not being properly labelled - Credit: Archant

Asda and Amazon are among the retailers which have recalled products due to urgent health and safety concerns.

The Food Standards Agency and Trading Standards have issued alerts about these items and have told customers to return the recalled goods and ask for a refund. 

Asda has recalled its maple-flavoured pork belly slices due to it containing allergens which are not labelled.

The product contains wheat (gluten) and soya, which can pose a possible health risk for anyone with an intolerance or allergy to either. The product was recalled October 22.

Product details:
Maple Flavour Pork Belly Slices
Pack size: 400 g
Use-by date: 29 October 2021
Allergens: gluten (wheat), soya

The Flying Goose brand Siracha Mayo has been recalled because it contains mustard and soya, which are not written in English on the label. Some people may have an intolerance or allergy to these foods.

The product is sold at a number of supermarkets, including Sainsbury's, Ocado, Tesco and Asda, and was recalled on October 21.

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Product details:
Flying Goose Sriracha Mayo Sauce
Pack size: 445 ml
Best-before date: 28 August 2022
Allergens: mustard, soya

A number of toys were recalled or withdrawn from the market on October 22, which could mean you may need to rethink your Christmas presents.

The Lukat Baby Toys, Multifunctional Play Centre with Ramp Track (product number ASIN: B08GWPVLL2), has been removed from Amazon and other retailers as it poses a high risk of choking after product testing.

A 14 pack of crab-shaped baby rattles and sensory teething play toys for newborns available on Amazon (product number ASIN: B08LD2Y7GZ) have been removed from sale due to the product posing a serious risk of choking. It was found parts of the rattle would break off with little force.

A giant size stuffed crocodile/alligator soft plush toy (product number ASIN: B094Y9KC43), by HCYH, has been recalled due to posing a serious risk level of choking. The buckle of the zipper was found to break easily and young children may put this in their mouth and block their airways.

The Hanmun duck shower head and sprinkler toy (product number ASIN: BO8MPRP2N) has been recalled due to a serious risk of injury. It was found the toy could present a choking hazard to children too young to sit up straight unaided.

You can check the Trading Standards and Food Standard Agency websites for a full list of recalled alerts.

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