Bar ban for man who smashed pub window

IPSWICH: A man smashed a pub window during a karaoke evening after a song was played which brought back memories of his daughter’s funeral, a court has heard.

John Hart, 20, was attending the event at the Drum & Monkey pub on April 17 but he became aggressive when the song – Tupac Shakur’s Letter 2 My Unborn – was played.

Hart, of Cobbold Street, told magistrates in Ipswich that he had asked the pub not to play the song because it was played at his daughter’s funeral.

It was also the anniversary of her death.

The court heard that when the song was played, Hart became aggressive and smashed a window at the pub, which led to the police being called.

Prosecutor Wayne Ablett said: “The policeman said the defendant was clearly drunk and unsteady on his feet and shouting that his baby had died four years ago and was very upset.”

Hart then went on to shout and swear at the police officer.

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At South East Suffolk Magistrates Court Hart pleaded guilty to using threatening words/behaviour to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

Speaking in court, Hart said: “I know that what I did was wrong. I asked them nicely in the pub that day, do not play that song but they did.”

Magistrates ordered Hart to pay �200 in compensation to the pub and banned him from all pubs and clubs in Ipswich town centre for nine months.