Bedroom blaze drama

INVESTIGATIONS were taking place today after a fire damaged the first-floor of a house in Trimley St Mary.Fire crews were called to the detached property in Faulkeners Way at about 10.

A HOUSEHOLDER today thanked a telephone company engineer who saw smoke coming from her home and called the fire service.

The prompt action of the BT engineer possibly saved the property from suffering more damage as firefighters arrived within minutes to tackle the blaze.

House owner Helen Day said neighbours told her that a BT engineer who had been in the area had summoned the emergency services.

"I have tried to find out who he was so that I could thank him but have not been able to - I just really want to say a big thank you for calling the fire service and being such a community-minded person," she said.

Fire crews were called to the house in Faulkeners Way, Trimley St Mary, at about 10.20am on Monday, May 10. Fire damaged the first floor.

No one was at home at the time of the incident and although investigations are taking place into the cause, it is not being regarded as suspicious.

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Mrs Day said: "I am petrified of fire and I have a smoke alarm in every room.

"I had switched everything off and there was no-one home - and still this has happened to me.

"I just thank God that it was not in the middle of the night and that no-one was hurt."

Officer in charge, Dave Kemp said two crews from Felixstowe had attended to extinguish the blaze. The first floor of the house was smoke-logged and was then ventilated to clear the fumes.

"The crews worked very well. The cause is still being investigated but it is not a suspicious fire," he said.

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